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Tour routes and lengths

At Heartland Helicopters the flight miles we advertise, are the flight miles you GET, we won’t confuse you with minutes and speeds, we keep it simple the amount of miles the flight you chose says it is. Is the amount you will get.

All tours departing from our Johnson County location, will still see all the amazing sites included in the tour package you purchased, as well as much much more. Departing from Johnson County adds an additional 20 minutes to each tour!

After taking off, on your way to the downtown airspace you will see such sites as Indian Valley Park, Shannon Valley Park, Corporate Woods Park, Johnson County Community College, the “Darth Vader Building”, Indian Hills and Kansas City Country Clubs. Then on our way back to our office location you will also see Sunset Hills Mansions, Prairie Village, Roe Park, Top Golf, the Sprint Campus, Scheels Soccer Complex and Diana Rose Farmstead! Making a departure from Johnson County well worth the additional cost due to the extended flight time!

 You can make any tour a Johnson County departure

 Monday – Thursday from 7:00 am  to 10:00 pm**. 

**Tour limitations: Ladies and Gentleman, please bear in mind helicopters are a mechanical form of transportation just like your vehicles, and experience mechanical issues as well. Our maintenance program is top notch and every ounce of preventative measure is taken, in the off chance the aircraft is not flyable during your scheduled time, rest assured we will make it right.

**Weather: Living here in the Midwest as we all know the weather can change on us very drastically. The Federal Aviation Administration has very strict weather guidelines we must follow per our operations. If the weather ever drops below the minimums required for our type of flight we will be forced to cancel operations for that point in time, being an aircraft high winds can also play a part in whether or not we are able to fly from day to day. Your comfort, safety and experience are all a priority to us. once again rest assured we will do everything possible to make things right if this situation arises. Our pilots are very well versed in weather and keep close eye on it at all times. We usually know if a day will end up in this situation a few days prior and reach out those scheduled ahead of time.

 **Aircraft availability


Up to 3 total Passengers.


Max Weight per seat is 275 lbs.


Max Combined Weight of 550 lbs.

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